Find the right control bracelet for your event fast!

Would you like to print control wristbands for your sporting, charity, cultural, private or camping event? Then you've come to the right place. Europaband offers a wide range of wristbands, with or without branding, for all types of use. Browse through our pages and find the wristband that meets your needs in just a few clicks by comparing our different models.

If you would like bracelets without branding, they will be delivered within 2-3 days of receipt of your payment. If you wish to mark your bracelets, please allow a longer delivery time, which will be specified on the product page. This varies from product to product.

Determine the objective of your event: before choosing an event bracelet model, it's important to determine the objective of your event. Are you looking to identify your guests? Promote your brand? Sell tickets? The most appropriate wristband design will depend on the objective of your event.

Choose a material that's right for your event: there are several materials for event wristbands, such as silicone, fabric, vinyl and paper Tyvek. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, silicone is often used for outdoor events, as it is water and heat resistant. Fabric is ideal for casual events, while vinyl and Tyvek are more suited to formal events.

Select a size and color to suit your event: it's important to choose a wristband size that will fit most of your guests. It's also important to choose a color that matches the theme of your event. If you're looking to promote your brand, it's advisable to choose colors that are in harmony with your logo or corporate identity.

Opt for personalization adapted to your event: there are several ways to personalize an event bracelet. You can print a logo or message on the bracelet, emboss it or screen-print it. The choice of personalization technique depends on your needs and budget.

Tyvek wristbands

These are single-use, tear-proof identification wristbands. They represent excellent value for money and are ideal for a 1-2 day event. Most of the time, they're used for parties, concerts, festivals or sporting events.

Our Tyvek models :

- 250 x 19 mm
- 250 x 25 mm

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Vinyl wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are single-use, and cannot be passed on to a third party, thanks to their snap-closure system, which makes them tamper-proof and non-reusable. They are made of 3 layers of PVC, making them highly resistant to both water contact and stretching. They are ideal for an event lasting 3-4 days to a week, such as a seminar, festival, camping or vacation club.

Our vinyl models :

- XL : 250 x 25 mm
- 19 mm: 250 x 19 mm
- 16 mm: 250 x 16 mm

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Fabric bracelets

Fabric wristbands are single-use thanks to the plastic closing ring. These wristbands represent the "top of the range" of identification wristbands. They're very comfortable to wear, soft to the touch and highly resistant. These wristbands are ideal for private parties, seminars, business events, sporting events, camping sites and high-end holiday clubs.

Our fabric models :

- Woven: 345x15 mm, woven in the color of your choice +6 weaving colors different from your logo or message.

- Satin: 345x15, four-color process printing with satin finish.

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Silicone bracelets

Silicone control wristbands are reusable. Often also called rubber wristbands, our silicone wristbands are very comfortable to wear and very sturdy. They are ideal for events ranging from one day to several weeks, and are often kept as souvenirs. Your message or brand will stand the test of time thanks to these identification wristbands. What's more, these wristbands are fully customizable: 13 colors are available from stock, and on request we can create your wristband in the Pantone® color of your choice. Two sizes are also available, adult or child.

Our silicone models :

- Adult: 200x12 mm
- Child 180x12 mm
Our bracelets are available unbranded, plain, debossed or embossed with or without branding.

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All our wristbands are customizable, we invite you to add your logo, slogan or message to your wristbands to leave a trace of your event with your customers.

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