Customizable tickets

In this selection, Europaband offers you customizable tickets for your various events. Choose from pre-designed models and customize them according to the details of your event. Personalized tickets are essential for generating sales. The success of your event may depend on it.

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One-sided ticketing

This catalogue is aimed at anyone organising an event where admission is charged. Depending on your needs, you can choose a single-sided or double-sided ticketing system. By opting for a single-sided print model, you can make some savings. It's the most affordable option. And one-sided printing is often all you need for unique, authentic tickets. You can already proceed with full personalisation by sending us the photo you want as the background image. You can then add the name and date of the event. This is enough information to manage the entries. Europaband will deliver high quality, aesthetically pleasing ticketing that will also attract the attention of your target audience.

Double-sided printed tickets

The second option is to select a double-sided printed ticket. This gives you twice as much space to personalise the tickets for your event. Give your imagination free rein to create an original and relevant ticket. You have an intuitive tool at your disposal for personalising your event ticketing with double-sided printing. On the front, you can include a photo symbolising the event and the name of the event. On the reverse, you can insert details such as the date and the activities available on site. These are the details that make all the difference, as they can arouse the interest of potential participants.

How do you personalise your Europaband tickets?

The first thing to do is to choose the type of personalised ticket you need: a single-sided print ticket or a double-sided print ticket. Click on the one of your choice to land on the personalisation page. Once on the page in question, you can click on the number of counterfoils you want for your ticket. You can choose between 2 or 3 counterfoils. Next, import a good quality image no larger than 2MB. The format can be vectorised (AI, EPS, PDF) or high definition (JPG, PNG). The file will be saved directly on the Europaband server.

At this stage, you can download the AI, PDF or PNG template before sending it. The next step is to define the number of personalised tickets you wish to order for your event. You can now confirm your order. Before printing, you will receive the artwork by email. The ticket will only be printed when you are completely satisfied with the result. Thanks to Europaband, you can create your own ticketing service. What's more, a high-performance tool is available to help you design and personalise your event tickets. And that's not all: you'll also benefit from excellent value for money. In fact, these quality ticketing services are offered at the best prices.