Badge holders

Event badge holders

Europaband, your specialist for quality event accessories, offers you a selection of transparent, flexible badge holders. They are available in different sizes to suit all needs. They are suitable for all professional events such as trade shows, seminars, forums, trade fairs, etc. To be attached to a neckband, a Europaband badge holder makes it easy to identify an exhibitor, participant or special guest.

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High-quality badge holders

These perforated event badge holders are both useful and effective. They attach easily to any advertising cord. A Europaband badge holder is an effective identification tool. You can use it for a business event, a concert, a festival or any other cultural event. It can also be very useful at sporting events. All in all, it helps to distinguish participants and organisers without the slightest difficulty. A quality badge holder, like those offered by Europaband, protects the badge from damp, dirt, scratches and tears.

A choice of badge holders

Every company and every event has its own needs. That's why Europaband models come in a range of sizes. The Business H flexible badge holder is a classic model with a height of 54 mm and a length of 95.6 mm. The Business V flexible badge holder, on the other hand, has a portrait format. It is 85 mm high and 58.6 mm wide. These first two models are particularly suitable for various professional events requiring rapid identification of participants.

Alternatively, you can opt for a wider, landscape format badge like the Congress H, which is 80 mm high and 110 mm long. The Congrès V is an equally effective model, measuring 105 mm high and 85 mm wide. Europaband's largest badge holder is Salon. It is 150 mm high and 105 mm wide. So you can choose according to your needs for your event. All the badge holders you'll find here are durable and reusable.

Inexpensive badge holders

As well as being practical, useful and high-quality, these badge holders also have the advantage of being affordable. You can get them for as little as €30 for 100 units. Europaband is at the service of companies and organisations of all kinds to help them organise events in the best possible conditions. All these badge holders can be easily attached to carabiners, crocodile clips or pin clips.

As they are reusable accessories, they are a good long-term investment. Europaband also offers high-quality customisable neckbands if you need them to accompany your badge holders at your various events. Protect your badges from all kinds of aggression and save money at the same time.