A wide choice of event wristbands

In this category, you'll discover express products made from a variety of premium materials, including Tyvek, polyester, vinyl, silicone or rubber and other robust, flexible fabrics. Depending on the type of event you're planning, select the personalized wristband that's right for you. These are classy, durable advertising accessories.

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Customised express wristbands not to be missed

Your specialist in personalised event wristbands offers you this fine selection of express production models. These wristbands, with or without branding, are suitable for all types of cultural and professional events such as concerts, parties, seminars, conventions, trade fairs and others. For sporting events that involve contact with water, opt for a waterproof model such as silicone wristbands. These are also tear-proof items that allow you to easily identify your participants or guests during a demonstration or special event. You can choose not only the material, but also the colour, style, finish and branding. Europaband offers a wide range of promotional wristbands so that everyone can choose according to their needs. This type of event accessory is important to prevent fraud but also to facilitate organisation. Some models have extremely strong fastenings, while others are elasticated and slip easily over the wrist. Take a look at these comfortable, practical and attractive express wristbands and select the one that meets all your criteria.

Customisable event wristbands

Europaband, the specialist in promotional wristbands, lets you customise the model you're interested in to reflect the image of your brand. It's worth noting that as well as helping you to organise an event more effectively, a personalised wristband is also a communication medium that shouldn't be overlooked. Since the models are reusable, the people who wear them are sure to keep them as a souvenir. So put your logo or brand name on your express bracelet so that people remember your company every time they put it on. For models without branding, or with branding too, make the right choice of colours. A range of colours is available for each bracelet in the category, so it's up to you to select the one that best suits your needs. Don't leave anything to chance, think about the smallest details before placing your order. Delivery takes just 24 to 96 hours.

Cheap personalised bracelets

The manufacturing price of each of these advertising wristband models is accessible to all companies, as well as to individuals planning to organise a special evening or other private event. The unbeatable cost of these identification accessories is one of their greatest strengths. To benefit from the best value for money, don't hesitate to choose from among these customisable express advertising wristbands of flawless quality sold at low prices on Europaband. For those in a hurry, we also offer discount fabric wristbands available within 30 days.