Practical, comfortable hospital bracelets

The realities and imperatives of life in a nursing home are often difficult. To avoid unnecessary problems, even the smallest details need to be taken care of. Because we want to offer you only the very best, our medical bracelets are perfectly adapted to your professional needs.

These items are made of vinyl and have the same technical features as our customizable vinyl copies. What's more, they're easy to use. These models with writing panels are often used in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes to identify patients quickly and simply during their treatment.

Made from several layers of PVC, they are ultra-resistant and, once closed thanks to the snap-lock system, cannot be passed on to a third party. Resistant to water and toilet friction, they are ideal for use for one to several weeks in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

OurID wristband models are available in adult and child sizes, in a range of colors, and can be personalized using an indelible marker on the dedicated writing panel. The different shades enable you to categorize your patients by department or medical sector.

As you can see, we're the only ones in a position to offer you medical bracelets tailored to the specifics of your profession and the needs of your patients.

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