Satin sublimation

Satin lanyards

Lanyards help organize a variety of events, whether professional, cultural or sporting. In this selection, Europaband offers you high-quality models with a magnificent satin finish. These lanyards make it easy to identify their wearers. Customizable, they also help companies extend their brand's visibility during various events.

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Classic satin lanyards 

This classic satin lanyards is perfect for any organisation looking for a clean-lined promotional lanyard. You'll appreciate its elegance and simplicity. This customisable event lanyard can be adapted to suit all needs. Europaband, your specialist in high-quality lanyards, offers you a choice of 4 different widths: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm.

Once you've selected the size of your classic satin lanyards, you can choose the type of hook you want. It can be a simple snap hook, a premium snap hook or an alligator clip. Next, tell Europaband the text and logo you want to appear on the 450 mm printable area. Select the colour of your personalised lanyard before confirming your order.

Satin-finish lanyard with safety clip

At events such as trade fairs, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and sporting events, the lanyard can be snagged or subjected to heavy pressure. To prevent strangulation and suffocation, choose this satin-finish promotional lanyard with a safety clip that automatically removes when a risk occurs. You can, of course, personalise it with your company name and logo or those of your event. There's a choice of colours and sizes.

Satin lanyard with detachable clip

The satin lanyard with detachable clip is extremely practical. It has a clip that can be easily detached when needed. For example, if the wearer needs to do a badge check by scanning, all they have to do is remove the bottom part of the lanyard. If they attach another accessory to the carabiner or the crocodile clip, they can use it at any time without having to remove the neck strap completely. A card, bunch of keys, mobile phone, bottle opener, etc. can all be attached to this lanyard. Like all Europaband satin chokers, this model with detachable clip can be personalised.

Satin lanyard with security clip and detachable clip

Do you want to combine elegance, security and practicality? Then this satin-finish promotional lanyard with safety clip and detachable clip is for you! This event lanyard is an all-in-one accessory. Its safety clip prevents strangulation and choking during an event. The detachable clip makes it even more functional. This is a customisable model with a printable area 450 mm long. Widths range from 10 mm to 25 mm.