Your cheap personalized fabric bracelet

Find a wide selection of personalized event fabric bracelets! Print your own personalized wristband at low cost.

If you're used to matching your clothing style to certain accessories, then the bracelet is undoubtedly what you need. In fact, they're very popular, and there are many different types to choose from. Among these, cheap fabric bracelets are among the most popular. Their popularity is also due to the fact that they can be personalized, and at a lower cost. This is exactly what Europaband offers.

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The express polyester fabric bracelet

When it comes to choosing a fabric bracelet, it's up to you to decide which colour you prefer most. The site offers a wide range of colours. Even when it comes to the fastening system, the choice is entirely up to you. You can choose between bows or rings. It can also be personalised as you wish.

What's more, this customisable fabric bracelet has the advantage of being very affordable. For example, 50 pieces cost €1.6 each. What's more, the production time for your event fabric wristbands has been cut considerably, to just 2 days.

Satin sublimation fabric wristbands

Because these customisable advertising fabric wristbands are produced using the sublimation technique, you can be sure that the designs printed on them are of the highest quality and as sharp as possible. Comfortable to wear, they are soft to the touch. Sturdy, they're perfectly suited to events that last for days.

When it comes to fastening systems, you can opt for bows or for double-opening, metal-toothed or reusable rings. The choice of colour, personalisation and quantity is entirely up to you. What's more, these personalised fabric bracelets are not expensive. For 50 models, for example, the unit costs €1.45. The manufacturing time is between 10 and 15 days.

Personalised woven bracelets

There are a number of options when it comes to selecting your fastening ring. In addition to the bow and the classic model, you can choose a flat, reusable, beaded or double-opening ring. When it comes to colour, quantity and personalisation, the choice is entirely yours.

There's also nothing to complain about when it comes to costs, which are very affordable. For 100 fabric bracelets, you'll pay just €0.9 each. The manufacturing time is between 10 and 15 days.

Personalised gold or silver woven bracelets

When buying a woven bracelet, the choice of weave colour is of paramount importance. Here, you can opt for silver or gold. Once you've made your decision, you can move on to the colours, the personalisation text and the fastening ring.

Sturdy and made in ten to fifteen days, it's affordable. You'll be asked to pay €1.5 per bracelet when you order 50.

The polyester sublimation fabric bracelet

To buy a bracelet in sublimated polyester fabric, you need to select the fastening system, text and custom colour. The minimum number you can buy is 100. For this quantity, the unit price is €0.98. Designed to be used only once, it's perfect for preventing fraud, so it's pretty practical.


The sublimation satin fabric bracelet with clip

When choosing this model made from satin fabric, you can opt for two types of clip. The fact that it's made by sublimation gives it a casual yet trendy look. The satin finish adds an undeniable touch of elegance. Its clip fastening system makes it easy to use on all wrist sizes. Available at €1.45 for 50 pieces, this bracelet can be made in 10 to 15 days. So it's an inexpensive woven bracelet.

Woven bracelets with clips

Once you've chosen the fastening system that suits you best from the three types of clip on offer, you can move on to personalisation and the quantity you want to order. The clip fastening system on these fabric wristbands makes them impossible to tamper with.

What's more, these fabric festival wristbands are waterproof, sturdy and lightweight. On sale at €1.4 each for 50 models, they are elegant and perfectly suited to festive events, making it much easier to identify each participant.

Metallic woven bracelets

The first thing you need to do when you want to buy cheap woven bracelets is to select your favourite weave colour. Choose a fastening ring, personalise your bracelet to your taste and then decide how many you need.

Resistant and comfortable, these fabric bracelets are discreet and barely noticeable when worn. Waterproof, you can also use them in an aquatic environment, which you won't be able to do with a tyvek event bracelet. They are available from €1.5 for 50 wristbands ordered, and often take between 10 and 15 days to design.

Unbranded fabric wristbands

These unmarked fabric wristbands come in a range of colours. They are very simple, yet beautiful. The unit price for 100 wristbands is €0.55, and decreases as orders increase. So for 500 items, you will be asked to pay €0.3 each.

The discount satin sublimation bracelet

To choose this personalised bracelet made from satin fabric and obtained by sublimation, you first need to choose the fastening ring that suits you best. After that, you can move on to the particularisation and quantity, which should be at least a hundred. The unit price is €0.6 for 100 bracelets. Manufacturing takes 30 days.

Discount woven bracelets

For discount woven bracelets, the choice of fastening ring is of vital importance. That's why it's the first thing you need to do. After that, you can go on to customise your event wristband and decide how many you'll need. However, you should bear in mind that for any order, the minimum number must be at least 100. For this quantity, the unit is invoiced at €0.54. So these are cheap fabric bracelets. The production time is 30 days.

QR Code and barcode woven wristbands

Woven wristbands of this type can be produced in 20 to 25 days. The quantity to be ordered should be at least fifty. The unit cost is €8.68 for 50 models. However, the larger the order, the lower the price. For 1000 copies, the unit cost is €0.72. plus ce prix diminue. C’est ainsi que pour 1000 exemplaires, il est de 0,72 €.