Express lanyard

Express satin lanyards 96 hours

A lanyard makes it quick and easy to identify participants and special guests at a business, sporting or cultural event. Also known as a lanyard or promotional lanyard, it's a practical accessory that helps you organize everything properly. Europaband, your specialist for quality customizable lanyard, offers you these express models delivered within 96 hours.

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Express classic satin lanyard

If you want a classic lanyard, the satin express model is for you. It stands out for its elegance and simplicity. It's an express lanyard that you can customise to suit your needs. To do this, start by selecting the width you want for your lanyard: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm or 25 mm.

Then you can type in your text or import the file containing it. This can be the name of your company, the name of the event and/or your logo. For companies, this customisable express lanyard in classic satin is an excellent communication tool. It comes with a practical snap hook for attaching a badge, card, bunch of keys, telephone, bottle opener, etc.

Express satin Lanyards with security clip

The satin Lanyards with express security clip is also a customisable promotional lanyard designed by Europaband. As well as being comfortable and attractive, it is also secure. Its safety clip prevents any risk of choking or strangulation. It automatically detaches in the event of entanglement and strong pressure.

Like all our customisable Lanyards, this one comes in a range of colours. You can also choose the width (10 to 25 mm). You can, of course, specify the text to be printed on the 450 mm printable area. 

Express satin Lanyards with detachable clip

For even more practicality, we recommend the satin Lanyards with express detachable clip. The bottom part is easy to remove and put back on. This can be a great help when the wearer has to go through a scan badge check. This way, the wearer doesn't have to remove the whole lanyard - just detach the removable part.

This also applies if the promotional lanyard is used to carry a bunch of keys, a bottle opener or a telephone. If you're interested in the Lanyards with detachable clip, don't hesitate to personalise it with your company name, logo and/or the name of your event.

Express satin Lanyards with security clip and detachable clip

The satin Lanyards with safety clip and express detachable clip combines class, safety and practicality. It's a complete promotional lanyard that lets you organise your event with complete peace of mind. You can personalise the 450 mm printable area with the text of your choice and your logo. It's a top-quality lanyard available in a range of colours and widths. What's more, it's available at a very reasonable price.